Aromatherapy, Candles and Incense



There are times when the day just gets too much.  Stress can have all kinds of effects on a person from loss of appetite, insomnia and mood swings (to name just a few).

I’ve found that a wonderful way to relax and release some of the stress that has built up is to light some lovely candles or incense.

Aromatherapy has been a popular way of unwinding and providing healing using scents and aromas.

Lavender has always been known to have relaxing properties and i find that if I light a candle or incense with a lavender element ,just when I am getting ready for bed – it helps me to relax.  Obviously – never leave a candle or incense burning whilst sleeping!

Aromatherapy oils and oil burners are also a wonderful way to use aromatherapy.

If you look at some popular aromatherapy pages, you are able to look at all of the properties of each of the scents and choose one (or a combination) that suits you specific needs.

If you aren’t a fan of burning essential oils (some people find them a little bit too strong and overpowering) you may want to rub a very small amount onto the inside of your wrist (for example).  There are lot’s of pressure points all over the body and rubbing some oil into these points may be a great help to you and may relieve some stress.

Always rub a tiny speck onto your skin before hand to make sure that you are not sensitive to the product.  Any sign of redness or itchiness – leave this oil alone.


Reflexology For Relaxation and De-stressing


It can be pretty stressful being a single parent and you may find that there is hardly ever an opportunity to get some time for yourself. If you do manage to squeeze an hour or two to yourself then you ned to use it wisely.  I always like to spend any precious spare time doing something that will help me to relax and unwind.  One of the best things that I have found is reflexology.  Some people can be a little bit wary of reflexology as they think that it will tickle or be uncomfortable – it’s doesn’t and it’s not.

By applying pressure to various pressure points both on top of and underneath the foot – the reflexologist can help you to relax, overcome stress and can even determine underlying issues that show themselves as knots in the tissue of the foot and toes.

Reflexology is usually carried out using lot’s of lovely essential oils.  There are oils that are specifically tailored for relaxation.  You might want to have this done later on in the afternoon though as sometimes it can make you feel a little sleepy and you might not be ready to go back to running about after the children after a session.  There are oils available that can revitalise and invigorate too so these might be just what you need if you are feeling a bit down or lethargic.

I try to drink plenty of water both before and after a reflexology session. I found that this helped me to feel good before the session and left my body feeling nice and refreshed afterwards. Drinking enough water on a daily basis is another thing that helped me to feel healthier every day.  I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here but it’s definitely a worthwhile thing that helped me and my skin looked tonnes better within no time!

The sessions on average last for around and hour and aren’t the most expensive activity ever. It’s so worth while.  Some practitioners will ever offer their clients free taster sessions to see if they like it or not – definitely take advantage of that.  There are also frequent reflexology sessions available on Groupon or such like.  Keep an eye out for those to save even more money. I love a good bargain!

The session will usually start with the reflexology cleaning and warming your feet with hot towels.  They play relaxing music and some even use scented candles and incense to set the mood. Always tell the reflexologist if you have particularly sensitive feet.  They may ask what you aim to get out of the session.  I always tell them that I’d just like to relax.

Definitely try it out, I guarantee that you’ll love it.

Let me know if you’ve tried reflexology for the first time, or maybe you’re a veteran lover of reflexology.  I’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy! Most importantly – relax and take some time for yourself every once in a while.

Peace out friends 🙂


Hello Moms!!



Hi there and welcome to my wonderful blog.

I’m a single mom of three little girls and two little boys and sometimes it can be hard.  It’s extremely rewarding but it can be tough.  Sometimes you just need a bit of time to breathe and unwind, that can be hard when you’re raising children on your own.  Sometimes you need someone to bounce of and someone to give you some advice.

I hope that some of the posts on this blog will help you in some way to get some ideas and tips that can make your life a little easier.  Maybe it might be a parenting hack or a beauty tip.  There will be all kinds of hints and hacks on this blog.

I’ll be sharing with you some great money saving tips, some fabulous recipes for feeding large families for less (in a healthy way) and some holiday ideas for single moms.

Come on in, enjoy this blog and maybe even jump on and leave some tips of your own.